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Shooting from the Hip: Mario and Sonic at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games

We answer the ‘real’ questions about Mario and Sonic. We solicit questions on Thursday through Twitter and Facebook. Or feel free to send us an email: podcast@castlecouch.com

Shooting from the Hip – Wii Fit U

We answer the ‘real’ questions about Wii Fit U.

Beyond: Two Souls – Shooting from the Hip

Raph and Andrew dabble in all manners of social gathers this week, taking our pal Jodie to a swanky party in the Middle East and a humble high-school shindig.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons – Shooting from the Hip

Ryan get his first taste of Starbreeze Studios’ excellent Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. But what does he think of the littlest brother? Tune in to find out!

Grand Theft Auto 5 Torture Scene

This all started as a Shooting from the Hip segment. About 5-minutes in it becomes clear we had stumbled into the–now infamous–torture scene. Our commentary grinds to a halt alongside the violent nature of the events, and my gut instinct was that we wouldn’t be airing this content at all. But rather than pretend it

Shooting from the Hip: Puppeteer

  Andrew has his first (non-ping pong) Playstation move experience as we fiddle with the beginning of Puppeteer. Due to technical difficulties our footage was cut short. Please don’t hate us. We don’t hate you. Shooting from the Hip segments are intended to be off-the-cuff (p)reviews of games we are currently playing. These first impressions are