Peruse the News: Broadcasting on Steam and Las Vegas Events

For December 1 to December 8


In an effort to become the leader of the (gaming) world, Valve announced this week that they will integrate a broadcast functionality into Steam. Currently in beta, and accessible for all, the service lets players (pun intended) stream themselves playing. As services like become increasingly popular, having a similar service readily available directly on Steam could potentially create big changes in the streaming community, granted that streamers and their respective audience are ready to move to a new platform.


The Game Awards and The Playstation Experience

I refrain from writing about specific game announcement here most of the time because I do not think news and advertising are one in the same. That being said, two massive videogame events were taking place this weekend and slew of new game announcements were made. The first batch was at The Game Awards, which took place in Las Vegas on Friday. You can watch a replay of the ceremony and see all the announcements for yourself on the Awards’ website. The Playstation Experience also took place, and you can catch a recap of everything here. You should check both of those out if you are interested in seeing what is to come.