Anita Sarkeesian Threat

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For October 12-19:

Anita Sarkeesian:

There is only one interesting story this week and it’s a shitty one. Anita Sarkeesian cancelled a talk she was supposed to do at the Utah State University after receiving a shooting threat. It is far from the first threat directed at Sarkeesian, but there has been an escalation in harassment against women in the gaming community recently since the hate group “GamerGate” started. While the group itself has defended its intent, claiming it is fighting for journalistic integrity, its own origin –namely the homophobic actor Adam Baldwin sharing a video shaming Depression Quest’s developer Zoe Quinn– and its actions show otherwise. It is a messy situation for sure – so much that it garnered the attention of the mainstream media. First thing you know, Sarkeesian was on The New Yorker and in Rolling Stone magazine to talk about her ideas. If harassers wanted to shut her up, they sure failed.