Blizzard and Steam

Sit down, open up a news paper (just to get your hands all inky for the effect), and let Mr. Olivier Bouchard take you through an adventure into the news!

For September 21 – 27:

Blizzard Entertainment: 

Blizzard announced earlier this week that they canceled project ‘Titan,’ their long in development successor to World of Warcraft (2004) that had still never been shown in public. The game –which had been in developed for seven years– was deemed “not fun” by the studio. It is far from the first time that a major project has been abandoned by Blizzard: Starcraft Ghost and a Warcraft themed point-and-click being two examples — the latter was killed because the studio felt that the point’n’click genre was going to die. Now that Blizzard is not busy working on an MMO (and since Double Fine and Telltale have proved that adventures game are totally still alive and kicking), surely it would not be crazy to hope for Blizzard to return to their past love, and start working on a new point’n’click game… right?


In an effort to optimize the visibility of games, Valve completely revamped the storefront of their Steam platform. Changes include a new “discover” queue, recommending games that might be of interest to you considering your other purchase, and the disappearance of the new release tab on the main page, now being replaced by popular new releases. The most interesting change of the new interface is the curators function, which lets you follow individuals that will create lists of recommended games. We obviously created a Castle Couch curator page that you can join here, if you want our reviews integrated straight into Steam’s UI.