Ubisoft vs the Personal Computer and EA’s cancelled MOBA

Sit down, open up a news paper (just to get your hands all inky for the effect), and let Mr. Olivier Bouchard take you through an adventure into the news!

For November 3 – November 9:


Ubisoft does not seem to understand how a PC (that’s “Personal Computer” if Ubisoft is listening) works. In the PC space, the company has become well known for their downright terrible PC ports (believe me, that version of Watch_Dogs was the worst), their horrible DRM tactics, and a universally hated distribution platform known as the “Uplay.” In what was believed to be an effort to capitalize on the latter, upcoming Ubisoft games reportedly went missing from the steam distribution platform. Without any word from the company, games went back on sale just a little later. The titles, however, are still unavailable in the UK, where it is believed you can only buy them on Uplay and (oddly enough) on EA’s own storefront named the “Origin”. I really don’t know what is happening. Digital distribution speaks in riddles, and I’m too lazy to understand any of them.



In a statement this week EA announced that they were ending development of their upcoming MOBA Dawngate. No words on why, though we suspect that the game didn’t meet the expected success in the beta phase. Thankfully, every player that spent money on the game will be reimbursed in full. It seems like the King DOTA2 and the Queen League of Legends will still reign on the MOBA kingdom for a good while. That said, if European history taught us one thing, it is that queens and kings are not immune to getting their heads cut off. The future will tell, and historians will be there to write the MOBA saga in books. Or something.