Vib Ribbon, The “p”s War, Lindsay Lohan

Sit down, open up a news paper (just to get your hands all inky for the effect), and let Mr. Olivier Bouchard take you through an adventure into the news!

For October 5-11:

Vib Ribbon:

Well, Sony decided to quit playing games with our hearts. After teasing us at E3 this year by citing the classic game Vib Ribbon, Sony decided to release the original game on PSN last week without warning. With any luck, Microsoft and Nintendo will follow suit and re-release their similarly teased games Conker’s Bad Fur Day (2001) and Mother 3 (2006). Until then, Raph and I will be singing.

Assassin’s Creed:

In the ongoing war for “p”s, any victory is worth bragging about. Assassin’s Creed’s developper Ubisoft just announced that the new entry in the franchise will run at 900p on both the Xbox One and the PS4. Why you ask? Ubisoft’s PR told the Internet that it was to avoid debates. The Internet responded accordingly by going into full-blown debate mode, arguing about which version was held back to accommodate the other (P.S. The PS4 has already shown to be the stronger console so…). Personally, I am more impressed by “d”s than “p”s and while the PS4 can push more “p”s, it has no “d”s but Xbox One has at least four of them. What I am trying to say is that D4 is a pretty cool game.

Lindsay Lohan:

Fallen actress Lindsay Lohan filed a massive complaint against Rockstar for the use of her likeness in Grand Theft Auto V (2013). The character Lacey Jonas, she claims, is based on her and her personal experiences. I am far from being a legal authority —even my reviews are deemed “not objective” by some readers— so I will refrain from making any comments on the matter other than to say: I am quite excited to see where this story goes.


Driveclub was supposed to be a launch game. It got pushed back. The game was to have a PS plus version on launch that would include a fraction of the real game content, and then that version got pushed back too. To fight servers overload, Sony decided to postpone the PS plus version’s release until the game’s server woes are fixed. Oh well, early reviews are not too positive, and that specific version always seemed like a glorified demo anyway. Wait and see.