Ryan McShane Prussin's Top 10 Games of 2013

2013 was a brilliant year filled with an incredible variety of video games.

10. Donkey Kong Country Returns really proved there was still life in the Donkey Kong franchise.

9.  I didn’t think there was anything that could top Donkey Kong Country Returns, but Nintendo proved that by eliminating waggle controls, and adding 3D, there was plenty of life left in the game with Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D

8. Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D was able to stay fresh all year thanks to a google image search for the game’s logo. #8 proved to me that the game’s quality could be improved exponentially with the addition of a silver logo.

7. By adding a sexy black background to the already gorgeous Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (silver logo edition) the game’s quality was able to escalate even higher in my mind.

6. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how great gaming can be on a television, so at some point this year I decided to try Donkey Kong Country Returns on the wii again. I’m a big fan of Donkey Kong on a wide variety of devices.

5. At some point we all come face-to-face with the realization that there is no game without a great character to for the player to embody. Donkey Kong Country Returns offers some of the most fleshed-out, well realized characters of all time. Here we see D.K. and Diddy posing for the camera. #deep

4. Even great characters need a canvas to play on, here I’ve included a white background for the wii version of Donkey Kong Country Returns. My reason for including this version was so all our readers could imagine the potential acrobatics the game may (or may not) offer.

3. After much consideration I decided I wouldn’t be diving back into Google images when I realized I had two of the same image. Luckily Donkey Kong Country Returns is so exceptional it’s worth including on my Game of the Year list twice.

2. My number two game is plain old Donkey Kong Country, because how can it return if it never existed in the first place.

1. I feel privileged to be a part of a video game website run by someone who lets me get away with this stuff, but seriously I liked Donkey Country Country Returns 3D quite a lot.