April 9th, 2015

This week's collection of games is among the hardest around. Olivier tells us about new love in Axiom Verge despite Raph's constant reassurance that the game is actually no good. Our weekly From Software recap may potentially be our last as Raph and Olivier commit to a spoiler podcast that should be making its way to the site soon. Andrew continues to catch up on 2014 titles he missed with a quick commentary on The Talos Principle and how it may or may not have changed his life. Lastly, there are some handheld / mobile games that Raph and Anna discuss that inspires Andrew to yet again pull out his wallet in defeat.

14:35 - Axiom Verge
27:15 - Bloodborne /  Dark Souls II
35:40 - Pillars of Eternity
36:50 - Mystery Game: The Talos Principle
42:45 - Box Boy
45:45 - Framed

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