Castle Couch Podcast - February 12th, 2015

This week the Castle Couch Quartet discuss the finer points of popular culture and its impact on our youth. This riveting discussion about popular singers is interlaced with tales of caffeinated cats and the ramblings of our sad and mundane lives. We also get around to talking about some pretty recent and bizarre video game releases before delving into our new segment about the Golden Oldies we've pledge to beating in the "Bucket List".

00:00 - Topical Intro Feat. Kim Kardashian / Katy Perry
07:30 - Saints Row IV
08:20 - Cat Cafe
16:35 - Life Is Strange
27:35 - Tales From The Borderlands
32:30 - Grow Home
38:30 - Gravity Ghost
42:45 - Apotheon
48:20 - Bucket List: Final Fantasy IX
53:45 - Bucket List: A Link to the Past
61:45 - Bucket List: Grim Fandango

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