Castle Couch Podcast - March 12th, 2015

Buckle up hip-kid listeners for another installment of a locally-recorded podcast with zany background wobble. Seriously though, it's a great week of discussion about Lindsey Lohan and games despite some less than desirable audio quality, our apologies. Stick around for Raph's groundbreaking discovery that everyone poops and that organs and not little digestive tract workers are the cause -- riveting radio. You'll also want to stop listenting around the 26-minute mark if you intend on playing The Order as I inadvertently spoil a major plot point, just skip ahead to 31-minutes.

11:10 - White Night
15:05 - Pneuma: Breath of Life
18:00 - The Talos Principle
26:15 - The Order
31:11 - Resident Evil HD Remaster
33:50 - Resident Evil Revelations 2: Episode 2
40:30 - Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
47:05 - Rock Band 4

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