Game of the Year 2013 - Part 1: January through March

The end of year roundups are always a time for ending lifelong friendships. In an effort to prolong Castle Couch camaraderie, we chose to discuss the year month by month picking out our favourite games and saving their discussions for a grand Game of the Year debate (episode 5 of this series.) 

We certainly didn’t play everything, but hopefully these lengthy discussions will offer a clear picture of what we were playing during this year, and what games really stuck out.

So take a road trip, get those dishes done, whatever you do in your podcasting time! Just please —for the love of God please— enjoy our 2013 Game of the Year discussions.


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Many thanks to our friends The JEM for letting us use their music in the show. More info on The JEM can be found through their facebook pageTwitter account, or Band Camp site.