Game of the Year 2014 - Part 3: July through September

In the spirit of our sausage-style Game of the Year deliberations, we do a run-through the year naming all the games that we played each month, and which ones we think could be Game of the Year contenders. No tears until part 5. Get ready for hours and hours of podcast with our Q3 discussion.




02:00 - CounterSpy
03:50 - Hohokum


08:25 - Roundabout
12:10 - Hack and Slash
13:20 - Hyrule Warriors
15:00 - Sherlock HolmesL Crimes and Punishment
16:50 - Neverending Nightmare
18:40 - Gauntlet
20:35 - Endless Legend
22:45 - Velocity 2X
24:05 - The Sims 4

Many thanks to our friends The JEM for letting us use their music in the show. More info on The JEM can be found through their facebook pageTwitter account, or Band Camp site.